“I can’t say enough about Carissa’s character, work ethic, patience, professionalism. All my friends, family know of her as “Carissa the loan goat (Greatest Of All Time)! I’ve had the pleasure of working with several mortgage brokers in my time, there’s simply no comparison! She goes over and beyond what standard brokers provide.

From the first interaction to the closing, Carissa displayed everything one could dream of from a Mortgage Broker. I felt a sense of being part of a Team, as oppose to another potential client. You can feel the genuine positive/upbeat personality and passion in the service she provides. She really went the extra mile for me to secure the loan needed!!

Genuine, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable/hard working, next level patience, amazing character is what one can expect from Carissa. There’s only a few select humans I would refer to as the GOAT, She is one of them!! I’m beyond happy with my experience, the interest rate I received and all the helpful advice along the way.

Feel free to thank me later, as you cannot go wrong with Carissa! 🐐 10x ⭐️

Tim O., Client

“Carissa is amazing! She was supportive, knowledgeable, and patient all throughout the process of selling our old home and buying our new home in a very hot market. It was a contingent sale and had a lot of moving parts, and Carissa was there every step of the way to help us understand what was going on, what needed to be done next, and she was ready to move quickly on things as they came up. She took very good care of us and we would highly recommend her to anyone in need!”

Angela G., Client

“Carissa values relationship over anything. My needs became hers while I was her client. She worked magic to enable my rental-home investment in a tough market and bolstered me against anxiety along the way. You’ll enjoy the benefits of her well-connected expertise while in her stewardship!”

Ben M., Client

“Carissa has done several loans for me the past three years. Each time she has been very helpful, knowledgeable, and answered every question I had with a smile on her face. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all my clients.”

Steve P., Client

“Carissa is so kind, helpful, and explains the process in clear, plain language! Thank you for everything!”

Brittney B., Client

“Carissa bent over backwards for me and went out of her way to help get the loan funded.”

Kevin P., Client

“The process went smooth.”

Darla F., Client

“Carissa is a friendly and knowledgeable person to work with. We have now gone through our second refinance with her team and there were zero headaches.”

Alisha M., Client

“Carissa was wonderful! I didn’t know much about the process of buying my first home and she walked me through it and made me feel very comfortable throughout.”

Hannah C., Client

“Carissa and team were responsive and caring! Just what my first time home buyer needed! solution oriented. I’m thrilled to have her as our loan agent.”

Mary C., Realtor

“Carissa was great to work with. Very knowledgeable and communicative. And when problems arose, she was solution oriented. I’m thrilled to have her as our loan agent.”

David F., Client

“Carissa is a fast problem solver and came through in a pinch when we needed her! Really knows this business.”

Jim S., Client

“Had a good experience with Carissa. Unfortunately due to the crazy circumstances of loans these days, there was a fair about of last minute confusion with changes to rates, etc. In the end, she did a fantastic job getting things under control and getting everything we agreed upon so that’s why she deserves an excellent rating.”

Neil M., Client

“It was a great experience working with Carissa.”

Tyler H., Client

“Relative ease and speed of process.”

Robert F., Client

“Carissa takes her job to heart. Her work ethic and care is apparent. She is great!!”

Molly S., Realtor

“I have purchased and refinanced many times. What makes Carissa stand out from the rest is her ability to deal with many moving parts while giving me 100% great service when things are chaotic all around her.”

Stephen P., Client

“Great service.”

Jason T., Client

“Carissa was amazing! She kept to all timelines, had open communication through the transaction, as always was pleasant to work with!”

Morgan S., Realtor

“The Clarity and Patience Carissa had helping us understand the Process and what was “Best” for us…. Very Happy!”

Kira L., Client

“Great updates and full clarity on the loan process.”

Cecile H., Realtor

“Very responsive to texts and emails. Guided me through the whole process.”

Carlo T., Client

“Carissa frequently updated me on the loan process and explained everything along the way! Highly recommend to use her services to refinance or purchase a home!”

Frieda L., Client

“Carissa is so responsive and knowledgeable. She really listened and tailored the whole experience to our needs. She communicated every step along the way and helped us make a nearly impossible dream a reality. We found her extremely easy to work with and will continue to refer her to our people.”

Natalee H., Client

“It was a wonderful experience. Glad we got it done so fast! Well done Carissa.”

Richard W., Client

“Carissa was awesome.”

Leslie H., Realtor

“Carissa really took the time to make sure my husband and I were very well informed through the whole home buying process. As first time home buyers, we had lots of questions and she was so helpful and made it all easy to understand. She was very kind, friendly, and professional throughout the whole process. She worked seemlessly with our realtor and was always available to help. I would absolutely recommend Carissa to anyone I know looking to buy a home!”

Heather B., Client

“Carissa was amazing.. she made a scary thing like buying a house fun and exciting with her positive attitude and great personality!!”

Joab A., Client

“Carissa was excellent in communicating on a regular basis without the need to reach out to her. She availed herself for my client questions. Her professionalism and expertise made this a prompt and efficient transaction to close. Her team at Summit Funding is as professional and efficient, and I highly recommend Carissa and the team at Summit Funding.”

Connie B., Realtor

“Carissa and her team were great to work with. Carissa provided updates to us throughout the whole process, and was happy to answer our questions every time.”

Andrea D., Client

“Kept us informed along the whole process and made it as simple on us as possible.”

Simon W., Client

“We ended up having some issues on the way and Carissa managed the whole ordeal very professional so we could close this deal.”

Jeannette J. Realtor

“It got done and when road blocks happened they were resolved quickly.”

Jessie B., Client

“I loved working with Carissa. She was smart, succinct and acted quickly. Carissa was very proactive and I never had to chase her for anything. She made the entire process easy. In fact, it was the easiest ReFi I have ever done! Good job Carissa!”

Darrell H., Client

“Carissa is super thorough, personable and caring. Made the process much less stressful than it could be.”

Olga M., Client

“Carissa was fantastic throughout the entire process. Great communication and knocked out the loan in an extremely timely manner. She is a rockstar!”

Chris K., Realtor

“Constant communication and very personable!”

Omied A., Client

“Carissa is extremely good at keeping all parties informed of where things are at during the process. As a Real Estate broker this makes my job a lot easier, as my clients are consistently informed.Carissa is extremely good at keeping all parties informed of where things are at during the process. As a Real Estate broker this makes my job a lot easier, as my clients are consistently informed.”

Mark A., Realtor

“Carissa and her team made the whole process very easy. Not only was Carissa’s communication and consistent follow up great throughout the process, she also put together several different loan scenarios for us and equipped us with the knowledge needed to make the best decision for our family. She even did some research on what our house would rent for should we decide to keep our current home as a rental when we upgrade to a larger home down the road. Carissa’s awesome!”

Jacob N., Client

“Every step of the process was communicated well and was easy to follow. We loved working with Carissa. She was professional and accessible, always available if we had questions. We felt cared for.”

Crista N.,Client

“Without Carissa’s help, I probably wouldn’t be in this new home!”

Clarence G., Client

“I am absolutely blown away by the skill and expertise Carissa was able to execute for our clients. She is the most enjoyable person to work with, and I absolutely trust her capabilities.”

Leslie H., Realtor

“Carissa and her team exceeded customer service in every way possible!”

Philip S., Realtor

“Carissa was communicative and made the first time home buying process easy. I felt very supported throughout the process. I would highly recommend Carissa and Summit Funding to my friends and family.”

Armaghan N., Client

“We were looking to refinance. Carissa went over all the options for us. Then the world turned upside down and lending got really wonky. Carissa was really good at explaining what we were up against, helped us get all our documentation together, guided us through the process and the results were great. We are going to save money every month, woohoo! 5 stars all the way.”

Christie S., Client

“Great communication! Helped me get a good rate during a difficult time to finance loans.”

Karl G., Client

“Carissa explained things to us in depth without the knowledge going over our heads. She is a hardworking, honest, extremely efficient person. I never felt rushed or that I was being left hanging in any part of the process. Carissa has a commitment to excellence that is inspiring. Her calm manner always seemed to reassure my wife and I during the situation.”

Kelley W., Client

“Carissas constant communication was great! Awesome experience!”

Kathy M., Realtor

“Everything went great and very easy.”

Daniel C., Client

“Carissa Abazia made the entire experience from beginning to end a seamless, stress free pleasure! She is very professional and knowledgeable….great communication the whole way thru!”

Gabriel R., Client

“Great communication throughout the process for us & my clients. Carissa was there every step of the way to ease clients concerns, explain any questions they had & celebrate at the end 🙂 !”

Mary H., Realtor

“Carissa communicated effectively, worked hard to navigate the most challenging of times, and got the job done three days early!”

Phillip S., Realtor

“Carissa was great and easy to work with throughout the process. Strong communicator and very responsive. All of that paired with an awesome rate! Thanks Summit!”

Jody D., Client

“Carissa, was outstanding. She was very thorough and constantly gave regular updates. We would highly recommend her.”

Britt J., Realtor

“Carissa is an excellent communicator and takes the time to explain the details of every loan. She is hardworking and will do whatever it takes to get the job done, never giving up. She goes above and beyond and has been a source of encouragement for my clients. Carissa is caring and compassionate and is a team player, which is needed in real estate transactions. I highly recommend her and her team!”

Candice G., Realtor

“As first time homebuyers this process could have gone either direction. Luckily for us we had met Carissa and things were smooth sailing. She recommended a few agents to us, and her first suggestion was the absolute right one. Carissa and her entire team had such great, open communication and were dedicated to ensuring we bought a home we loved and could afford. we would recommend Carissa and her team to anyone looking to buy or refinance. They really are the best in the biz!”

Gina Z., Client

“Great communication, always met the deadline, was able to close way earlier than expected!”

Corey G., Realtor

“What made this great? Carissa Abazia! Amazing person, she kept us updated throughout the process and even cheered when everything went through. Thank you!”

Andrea E., Client

“It was quick and easy.”

Allison D., Client

“Lots of communication, good attitude and good rate.”

Jody D., Client

“Carissa made this experience great. Even first meeting her, she was very friendly, personable but not once did she give up her professionalism. The balance was all there! Carissa’s level of empathy should be mirrored by all humans as well as her attention to detail and clear communication. Having strong communication my team was absolutely important to me, especially in a situation where the seller asked for a 21-Day Escrow. Everything has been on-point with Carissa!”

Francis F., Client

“Carissa was staying in touch by calling me and emailing all the updates through out the transaction that gave us assurance that loan will be approved and funded. It was a pleasure working with her.”

Mirjana V., Realtor

“Great personalized service and access to a wide suite of loan options. Thanks Carissa!”

Nathaniel G., Client

“Carissa’s attentiveness whenever needed, spending one on one time with the client and keeping me in the loop of loan process. Great work Carissa.”

Nancy M., Realtor

“She gave the involved parties a weekly status report on the progress. That was fantastic !!”

 Jackie A., Client

“Lots of communication and helped walking us through a very unfamiliar process.”

Sean M., Client

“Quick and efficient. Not a lot of wasted time.”

Ramon A., Client

“Unlike other lenders I spoke to who just wanted to speed through to an application, Carissa started by talking about the the home purchase: the whys, the goals, the questions, etc. — in other-words, she started by building a relationship. Buying a home is a major decision for most people, an emotional purchase not a transaction and Carissa gets it.”

Luke F., Client

“Very helpful and communication was on point. A pleasure to work with.”

Joshua A., Client

“Great communication and fast performance.”

Nanda D., Agent

“5 stars indeed! The past 22 years I have financed or refinanced several properties and have never had the experience go as smooth as this time. Carissa and her team made the process an extremely easy one for me to deal with at every level. I own an accounting firm and I can guarantee that I will be referring Carissa to all my clients now and in the future. Huge thumbs up to say the very least!”

Steve P., Client

“Though it was our first time working with Carissa she made us feel as if we’ve been a long time client. She always made herself available if we had questions. She was very thorough in explaining each step of the loan process. She was a pleasure to work with. You feel as though you made a friend.”

Marco I., Client

“Carissa was an absolute delight to work with. Her professionalism and expertise is top notch. She is responsive, detailed and went above and beyond to ensure our needs were met. We knew we were in excellent hands from the onset. She took the time to explain every step of the loan process making it less stressful overall. We cannot thank Carissa enough for making our dream of buying a home a reality!”

Elvia I., Client

“Carissa gave excellent service from beginning to end.”

Barbara N., Realtor

“Carissa and I have known each other for years. She treated my loan as if it were a loan for her and I couldn’t be more satisfied. She went above and beyond for my fiancé myself and our brand new baby.”

Ethan H., Client

“Carissa, is extremely diligent in all that she does. You can tell that keeping her clients informed is a top priority!”

Mark A., Realtor

“Carissa was so communicative in our transaction. Always so helpful with keeping the buyers and sellers on the same page. We closed quickly and without any problems whatsoever. I would highly recommend Carissa!”

Mary M., Realtor

“Carissa did an exceptional job navigating our loan process through issues completely out of her control including hurdles dealing with the lenders/investors challenging the appraisal and delays related to my husbands ability to sign loan documents following major surgery. To top it all off, Carissa was able to get our loan funded in record time.”

Larry C., Client

“She made the process as stress-free as possible. Communication was always open so we knew what was happening every step of the way. Any questions we had were answered promptly.”

Simon W., Client

“Carissa is very professional and wonderful to work with. The email notifications were very helpful for us to know exactly what was going on. Loved working with Her!”

Judy T., Realtor

“Carissa went above and beyond to help my wife and I get the best home loan possible. She was extremely helpful, professional, personable and dedicated to working with us. I would highly recommend her to friends and family.”

Rosendo C., Client

“Carissa was super communicative, creative and make a seemingly impossible task of a 2 week close look easy. Loved working with her!”

Vivek B., Client

“Carissa is the best in the business.”

Corey G., Realtor

“Personalized experience. Able and willing to answer all our questions about the home buying process. Personal notes to sellers to help our offer standout.”

Michael S., Client

“Carissa goes above and beyond. She truly cares about the person not just the transaction. Carissa was very responsive and made sure to give clear concise answers to all my questions.”

Alexandra T., Realtor

“Carissa was on top of the deal from minute one. She was very knowledgeable and closed exactly when she said she would under extremely tight deadlines. A true professional!”

Jesse G., Realtor

“The attention detail, communication, and great moral that Carissa brought to our transaction helped this deal go incredibly smoothly! She’s a Rockstar!

Carissa was introduced to me by a fellow Realtor who highly recommended her. We hit it off immediately and I have been working with her exclusively for all of my deals. She is amazing at staying in touch with everyone involved during a transaction and always makes herself available if you need her. I highly recommend Carissa!”

Mark F., Realtor

“Carissa was always super friendly, had a smile on her face and very thorough through the whole process. She helped to make a stressful time not so stressful!!!”

Stephanie E., Client

“Carissa is very communicative and on top of it. She is also fun to work with, which is huge when a client is dealing with a large stressful transaction. Carissa has a way of making the process fun and humanistic. Highly recommend”

Lindsey E., Realtor

“Carissa was incredibly attentive and professional. The whole Summit Team made my experience feel seamless and easy. I’m so happy to have had such a good team in purchasing my first house. I’d recommend them to anyone!”

Brianna H., Client

“Speed of the process was crucial for us and Carissa and her team were very efficient.”

Donavan K., Client

“Carissa was wonderful to work with. She communicated every step and made me and my husband feel very comfortable purchasing our first home. I highly recommend her services and expertise! Thank you, Carissa! Our family is so happy with our experience and new home!”

Heather B., Client

“Carissa is very good! Her communication is excellent as well as her attention to detail, timelines and top notch client care! We will definitely be doing more transactions with her and recommending her to other Realtors and clients! We have known Carissa before she was with Summit Funding!”

Julie S., Realtor

“Carissa was great to work with. Carissa came as the lender for the buying on my listing. Lots of great communication and did everything she promised. She even closed the transaction early. Highly recommend her. Thanks Carissa!!”

Debbie M., Realtor

“Great experience!!! 5-Stars.”

Trish M., Realtor

“Helping clients get their dream home!! 5 out of 5 Stars.”

Andrew, Realtor

“Timely responses. Effective communication. Diligent workflow and being true to her word. Thank you Carissa for helping us every step of the way. My family is very happy.”

Dennis Z., Client

“Carissa made it a great experience because she was very communicative, and understanding of me and my clients needs during our transaction. She does everything in her power to make sure the clients are happy and every option is explored. She’s true to her word, and is a very hard worker that takes pride in her career. Carissa and her company are always involved in community and real estate industry events.”

Jade C., Realtor

“Attention to detail and exceptional client service. I have known Carissa for years and she is always one of the first people I think of when the topic of mortgages or buy/selling and homes comes up.”

Keenan M., Colleague

“Great communication and feeling that what you promise is what happens. Carissa Abazia is a kick ass lender and so why wouldn’t I use Summit.”

Mark A., Realtor

“Carissa was so wonderful to work with, and I appreciated her super fast communication and just general upbeat attitude. She helped explain so many terms to me and helped make the process much less overwhelming. Just appreciated her and her help so much!”

Elise A., Client

“Very prompt and personable. Great loan officer.”

Jon H., Client

“Carissa is very easy to talk to and super helpful!”

Danielle K., Colleague

“Carissa understands that referrals are her #1 source for new business and is dedicated to treating every client with the personal attention and high level of customer service required to gain those referrals. She has mine!”

Bret G., Colleague

“Carissa is the best. Very professional and personable. I highly recommend her to everyone.”

Andrew S., Colleague

“Not only is Carissa fantastic at what she does, she is wonderful to be around. She cares deeply for her clients and is great at finding dynamic solutions to complicated situations.”

Sam L., Friend

“Carissa is a pleasure to work with and I gladly refer friends and family to her.”

Ben L., Colleague

“Carissa is the definition of a true professional. She provides top notch service, quick response times, incredible market knowledge, and many more amazing attributes in her profession. Highly recommend working with her.”

Corey G., Realtor

“Carissa was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and communicative throughout the entire process. I worked with her on two of my clients’ purchases. It was so smooth and a pleasure working with her. If you are a first time home buyer or have other mortgage needs, definitely call Carissa- she will get you exactly what you need.”

Christina K., Realtor

“I have been working with Carissa for over a year now and I regard her highly as one of the best I have to recommend. Always active in the Sonoma County community, Carissa is vigilant in keeping up with the industry and being sure to read up on potential changes in lending requirements and making sure clients are as versed with the changes as she is.

She listens to the needs of the borrower and she carefully matches the right loan product to accomplish the desired objectives. She communicates throughout the process to guarantee that there are no surprises. Most importantly, she carefully monitors each and every transaction to ensure that everything is delivered in a prompt and accurate fashion. The result is a smooth closing every time. I can personally attest to the fact that her closings are truly pleasant experiences. With every transaction, the borrowers are fully informed, the loan products are as promised and the closing are timely.

The clients that I’ve sent to Carissa for a mortgage have spoken highly of her professionalism and dedication. I have no doubt that any future clients I send her way would say the same! In our business, we cannot steer a buyer to a specific lender, but I offer prospective clients lenders that I can trust and am always sure to let them know Carissa Abazia will get their mortgage for them!”

Brady S., Realtor

“Carissa is extremely professional and cares about her client’s needs. She is diligent, hardworking and extremely dedicated. I highly recommend her!”

Shantelle L., Client 

“Took amazing care of me. Very professional. Highly recommended!”

Angie C., Client 

“Carissa is awesome!!! She’s knowledgeable and caring.”

Larry H., Colleague

“Very professional, personable and will take good care of her clients.”

Richard A., Mentor and Loan Partner

“Carissa and her team were incredible to work with; they are professional and efficient. Our mutual clients were purchasing a large home and Carissa informed them of multiple opportunities and offers that were best for their portfolio. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our clients. Even when the deal was 4 hours away… You’re a Rockstar!”

Paris D., Realtor

“Carissa is SO passionate about delivering value to her clients. Combine that passion with her resourcefulness, savvy, drive and professionalism… it does not get any better – I promise! I have complete trust in her as a person and professional.”

Andrew C., Friend


Alba L., Friend


Erik H., Friend


Bosten L., Realtor

“Carissa was awesome to work with. It was a long journey to finally getting a house, with ups and downs. Carissa did a great job in helping us stay positive. She was clear in her communication and always prompt. Additionally, she was always accessible. I’m glad we had her on our side.”

Edward L., Client

“Carissa stuck with us for months of searching for our first home, maintaining the same level of support and energy she displayed on day one. She made the financial aspect of the experience easier to understand, and was always ready to answer questions, literally, 24/7. When we finally found our home, the process went relatively smoothly, and fast. We truly felt we had someone on our team that wanted us to win.  Thank you!”

Katherine L., Client

“Carissa was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was ALWAYS available. We’d sometimes think of a question after hours, & shoot her an email hoping for a response the next morning, but she’d usually respond within a matter of minutes. We contacted 5 different lenders before purchasing our home, but Carissa was the only person to come up with a creative solution customized to our particular situation—everyone else just wanted to push their standard loan products.”

Jennifer E., Client

“Everyone with the company was helpful. We had communication with at least 4 different individuals and all were very professional and pleasant. We would recommend Carissa and Pinnacle to all of our friends.”

Greg S., Client

“Carissa is extremely professional and gave us great advice through the refinancing process. She was always available for questions and quick to respond. We would be happy to work with her again in the future and will definitely recommend her services to friends and family.”

Andrea S., Client

“She was very smart and clever she was working with me throughout this process all the time and I was very satisfied with her job thanks again for all of her help and concern.”

Salma K., Client

“Carissa was great to work with. She kept us informed throughout the process and there were no surprises.”

Scott S., Client

“Friendly and knowledgeable!”

Carol L., Client

“Great communication and informative along the way….”

Tom L., Client

“Carissa went above and beyond for my clients to ensure a smooth and successful close. She was always very prompt to respond to any of my questions and very knowledgeable and personable. I definitely hope to work with her again soon.”

Christina K., Client

“Glad Carissa took good care of me. Great service thanks again.”

Nicholas D., Client

She went out of her way to understand my necessities and provide me with a loan that catered to me specifically. She overcame many hurdles that came up during the process to help me get the home of my dreams.”

Eric F., Client

“My son was a first-time buyer and had a very demanding job making the loan process difficult for Carissa. She was wonderfully patient and kind. She stayed on him to get everything in on time. She was able to get a loan for him with an interest rate that was the best available. By the time Shane found the home he loved, he was qualified and ready to buy the house. She kept in touch with both Shane and me at every step of the way. I highly recommend her and hope you find the home you will love.”

Tamera K., Client

“I loved working with Carissa! She was super helpful, and always responded to my texts, emails, and calls within a matter of minutes. I would recommend calling Carissa should you want to refinance or purchase a home.”

Angela C., Client

“It is all about the person, the communication, and success a lender brings to our team. Carissa excels…”

Chris S., Realtor

“The clients that I’ve sent to Carissa for a mortgage have spoken highly of her professionalism and dedication. I have no doubt that any future clients I send her way would say the same! In our business, we cannot steer a buyer to a specific lender, but I offer prospective clients lenders that I can trust and am always sure to let them know Carissa Abazia will get their mortgage for them!”

Brady S., Realtor

“Carissa Abazia is amazing!!!! She goes above and beyond all expectations. I referred her a client that was thinking about buying some land and building a house for the first time. Carissa performed detailed research for him and after analyzing the numbers we were able to give him great advise, that most likely saved him thousands. She is detailed oriented and excellent at communication. Our clients were thrilled with her as their trusted Mortgage Advisor.”

Cory C., Realtor

“Carissa made it so simple and easy to buy my first home. She explained everything very well and helped me understand the process from start to finish. She responded to my texts, emails, and calls quickly. Carissa is customer focused and provided excellent service. I highly recommend Carissa for any home financing needs.”

Rebecca Y., Client

“I bought my first home with Carissa’s help. She worked late to make sure we were able to talk after I got off of work. I’m so happy with my first house and liked the process. She made it easy, and I will use her for any home I buy. Thanks, Carissa for helping me.”

Shane K., Client

“My experience with Carissa was awesome. She went above and beyond to get me into the best loan. She was so positive and great to work with! She is also professional and personable and I will recommend her to all of my friends and colleagues. I HIGHLY recommend her as your trusted home finance expert. Five stars all the way.”

Carl R., Client


Social Survey reviews found here.