Ready to live in the house that you deserve? We think you are.

When it comes to your home buying goals, choosing the right house is just part of the process. We must also make sure that you are financially fit and your monthly payment isn’t too big of a burden for your day-to-day life. Summit Funding, Inc. Loan Officers are here to keep you motivated and answer any questions you might have. Here is a glance at what a typical home loan process might look like.

Start the Process

Loan Application

  • Start the loan process
  • Provide documentation such as paystubs and tax returns
  • Review all loan options
  • Great time to ask any questions you may have

Find Your New Home

  • Work with a Real Estate Agent you trust
  • Search for your new home
  • Negotiate purchase agreement


  • Finalize rate and loan program
  • Verify asset / income documents and employment
  • Obtain homeowner’s insurance
  • Order appraisal
  • Submit to underwriting


  • Underwriting reviews file and approves credit and collateral
  • Satisfy final approval conditions

Signing Documents

  • Loan documents sent to Title/Escrow
  • Escrow Officer will provide you with the amount needed for closing
  • Review and sign final documents
  • Loan is funded, home records

Get Your Keys

  • Receive your keys and celebrate in your new home!