Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good


By Nellie Bowles Ms. Bowles is a technology reporter for The New York Times. Screens used to be for the elite. Now avoiding them is a status symbol. SAN FRANCISCO — Bill Langlois has a new best friend. She is a cat named Sox. She lives on a tablet, and she makes him so happy [...]

Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good2019-06-09T10:11:59-07:00

How Neuroscience Is Optimizing the Office


A molecular biologist and an award-winning architecture firm have teamed up to reimagine the workplace. As competition for employees and ideas increases, employers are looking to office design to give them an edge. That’s why companies like Amazon, Google and Samsung have asked us to create spaces that directly affect how their employees think and [...]

How Neuroscience Is Optimizing the Office2019-02-04T20:11:46-08:00
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