Written by Carissa Abazia

It’s inevitable that all couples will go through their share of ups and downs. A combination of busy work schedules, appointments, and commitments can make it challenging to devote as much time to strengthening your relationship as we’d like. On this Valentine’s Day, it is important to reflect on our relationships — past and present — and recall the surprising, unexpected, or even counter-intuitive signs of a strong bond.

Are You Both Working On Things?

When we get past the labels — spouse, significant other, boyfriend/girlfriend — what we’re really looking for is a partner, whether it means having someone for dinner dates, to split the chores or a shoulder to cry on. Take inventory of the responsibilities you share, the issues you’re working on as a couple or even just the mundane day-to-day tasks you’re each performing. You should feel like there is equality in the relationship.

Do They Make You Feel Good?

We are responsible for our sense of completeness and contentment — that needs to come from within so don’t rely on your partner to give you ultimate happiness. In a relationship, you may go through incredibly difficult rough patches, but overall, you should look forward to spending time with that special person in your life. Bottom line: you deserve to feel loved, cherished and valued.

Does The Relationship Add to Your Life?

Being a couple should broaden your horizons, not limit them. In a healthy relationship, there’s sharing, compromise and mutual respect. You may not have had the same passions, interests or hobbies when you met but learning about and supporting each other should be a goal.

Is Your Communication Effective?

A strong relationship consists of two individuals who are independently strong in their own lives making a choice to be in a partnership with one another. When each partner understands their emotions, they also understand their partner better. An abundance of emotional intelligence coming from both partners allows for better communication skills. When we can clearly communicate with ourselves and with our partners, that’s a strong relationship.

In Conclusion

Waiting for the right person can take patience, but you deserve to feel happy and excited about the person you’re with. You also deserve to feel like they feel the same way about you!

This Valentine’s Day, the best gift you can receive this year is pure love and acceptance — from yourself and from your partner.

Photo Credit: Ryan Greenleaf https://ryangreenleaf.com/

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Carissa Abazia