Written by Carissa Abazia

I recently restructured my business plan to inculcate core values that would support both my personal and professional goals.

For me, this was about stripping it down to what I know works and what I want my brand to represent.  I considered the things that really matter to me. I applied these ideas to the vision of the company I want to create: an honest, reliable brokerage serving homebuyers and homeowners in California.

After brainstorming and self-reflecting, I came down to these core values.

Honest Communication. Deliver clear and truthful information. Establish trust with respectful and transparent communication.  Good communication is as important as it can be difficult.  Relationships and deals will crumble without honest communication.

Stay personal. We use data extensively to inform strategic decision-making with the understanding that data will never replace the human heart.

Over-Deliver/Exceed Expectations. Stay extraordinary. I believe that success is built by exceeding expectations. I always do my best to go the extra mile and expect the unexpected.

Deliver Bad News ASAP. Delivering bad news with speed, or without delay, is critically important. Failure to warn clients and colleagues of existing impediments removes the opportunity to make corrections and improve.

Always Be In Drive. Take the risks and strive for change.  Embrace the vision for a different and better future.  Turn your dreams into reality with the backing of determination and diligence that will cut through all obstacles in your way.

Don’t Be Above Your Job Title. No one is above any job. Don’t get stuck in an ivory tower dictating strategy, but rather be prepared to put in the effort and hard work to make the details actually happen.

If you incorporate your core values in your work, you will provide an ideal moral and ethical compass for what leadership should strive to achieve.


Thanks for reading!

Carissa Abazia