Written by Carissa Abazia

The holidays have always been my favorite time of year for the simple reasons that they provide me with an excuse to spend even more time with my family and friends. Also because I’m never one to turn down a glass of bubbly or a warm meal.  It’s simply the best time of the year.

Thanksgiving specifically is such a great holiday because it gives us the excuse to kick back for a couple of days and really focus on being grateful for what we have in our lives.

Here’s a look at what Thanksgiving means to me:

  1. The family dinner table provides the perfect opportunity to connect with the people closest to you. Sharing a meal is an excuse to catch up and talk, one of the few times where people are happy to put aside their work and take time out of their day. It’s a time to share your thorns and roses and also grow in the process.  It’s a time to laugh and live in the moment. This is a day for paying attention to family and close friends.

  2. This is the perfect moment to clink your glass often and toast the people in the room for one reason or the other. You will enjoy the food and company more if you embrace appreciative thoughts by voicing them loudly and frequently.

  3. It’s a time to focus just on listening and being present. Put down the cell phone and give the people around you your full attention.

  4. It’s easy to buy a pre-made pumpkin or apple pie, but making food from scratch helps you feel more appreciative for the meal you’re eating and the company you’re enjoying. Find the joy in chopping the carrots and celery for the stuffing.  Talk about your latest work accomplishment over pie dough.  The food will taste better if you do.

In conclusion, remember to express your thanks and gratitude to the people who make up the relationships with whom you share your life. Happy Thanksgiving and cheers to a wonderful day with family and friends!


Thanks for reading!

Carissa Abazia